Making lines is a process that has many different facets. They all come into play when translating abstract thinking to visual plans that guide actionable steps.





Visually yours engineers visual storylines to help share the complexities of change in a strategic/tactical way using a philosophy of SIMPLICITY. At the Linemakery you uncover, argument & relate your change story to those who need to engage with it on a daily basis. The emerging visual ‘lines’ connect long term company goals to each short term personal contribution. Making Change a shared story as opposed to a company directive.


Mapping to uncover the blocks to build is defined by 3 basic blocks:

MAPPING & Translating interconnected
complexities to build a relationship with your story.
Focus on CONTENT


Crafting Connecting Moments
content & people
into a shared experience

Engaging the Story
Have stakeholders align their point of view
and activate their shared goal. 
Focus on People



DESIGN is connecting thinking to realization in a conscious and deliberate process. The processes within the activity of DESIGN are a way of THINKING that is geared towards realizing an end state.

To DESIGN visual understanding is to ENGINEER a relationship with your own story and all of its actors. Long term perspectives need to be mixed with responsible daily design choices, infused with customer dialogue,  linked to a team story, aligned with a company goal and benefitting shareholder value.

To get people to understand & contribute to moving from A to B in a certain timeframe, Visually yours helps them to separate their paths from their shared Journey and align them in a visible way. Navigating the complexities of the change story and sharing how everything is connected in a common language.

Solving a design problem starts by defining it and getting to know the actors & drivers. Once you get into the story and lean into it like a challenge, you are on your way to UNDERSTAND the logic of your situation. 


Building a relationship with your change story is a process of reason & logic, ending up with a firm grip of your situation. By mapping out the context and identifying all of its actors, you ENGINEER the needed understanding to tackle almost ANY challenge.

Building an argumented storyline can be defined by 3 basic blocks     >>>


An understandable story has 3 basic ingredients:

1. SHAPING the change story. 
A definition of change, which helps to see where you are going & why.
2. SHOWING the system of change:
A beginning and end (A & B), The reason for going and a map showing you your path.
3. SHARING the progress of that change:
Who is moving down the path, with what need and what solution to the problem?
TOGETHER these 3 blocks make your CHANGE STORY visible.
and separate your short term path from your longer term journey. 


Once the story blocks are visible and the relationship between them is taking shape,
the essence of the change has to take on a form which drives & inspires the ones who are leading, planning and realising the change. 

A guiding light is different for individual and or organization. It can be a person who knows how to relate the change (see the engage story), it can be a motto of chant that fires everybody up. Once the CHANGE STORY becomes more visible & transparent the form which is needed to inspire and guide will usually present itself when you start SHARING the story. 

ENGAGE the Multi-Directional STORY

Visual Engagement is about Seeing and feeling the path and journey AND being able to SHARE it with others. When the complicated steps of your path get in the way, VISUAL ENGAGEMENT can step in to make people CONNECT.

By Storifying your goal you simplify its nature. You make it more relatable, because the goal and its challenges are made visibly clear. Engaging people visually makes them feel through seeing or experiencing the story themselves.  It makes them part of the story or even gives them centre stage to its drama. By standing in the middle of the story we can relate to reason or situation in a much more emotionally profound way.

By putting people IN the physical situation using for instance VR, AR or actual play, they become part of the story themselves. This makes them listen and accept their challenge with a more open perspective. The space you create for people to connect or relate to any situation becomes the goal for visually yours and its story creation partners.

Seeing the path, Feeling the Journey

Visual Engagement with a story is about Seeing the path that leads to change, feeling the journey of the transformation AND being able to SHARE that change-story in a way that connects with others.


Open up the IN-BETWEEN

By storyfying and engaging your CHANGE STORY
you open up the relatable drama of the IN-BETWEEN.
The space where all actors are connected,
struggling to align all their unique contributions
in realizing the shared challenges of change.


Flexible Focus

Once you make a promise of success RELATABLE from different angles, while keeping focus on the essence of where you are trying to get to… that is when your audience starts to see that all contributions to realizing the goal are relevant. (flexible focus – Mark Ordensky, exec. producer of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy movies)


The Connecting Moment

When we believe in something, we are strong. 
We get energy to go the extra mile. Visually yours believes people can achieve anything, if they make their thinking, their intentions, their path and their journey VISIBLE for others to relate to. Combining what a company is trying to achieve (content focus) and how people relate to this is what makes up the Moment of connection.

A conscious design process

By going through a simple design cycle I translate movement from A to B to a VISIBLE and tangible IMAGE with which people can interact. I then engineer the relationship you need to connect to the story and create the experiential steps needed to get the job done. The combination of UNDERSTANDING and FEELING what a story is about, and what part you play in its grand design, comes together in the space of the in between.


By allowing art and design to expose the story, making change visible is the beginning of an open way of showing what you are doing, how you are doing it together and how far along you are on your path.

Making the shared story of people in organizations visible by mapping out who they are, where they stand & want to go, gives them a way to look at their playground and focus on what they need to be doing to keep connecting an open mind to the serious steps that move forward into the future.


Crafting Connection Moments

We offer a tailor made process in which we facilitate not only the building of the story by engineering a relationship with its goals, we also design the moments of sharing to bring the CHANGE STORY to life. We carefully craft these connecting moments that help you embed your strategic choices into the core of your companies living storyline.

These moments can be experienced in your own time… in your own way. The impact they will have is based on their ability to connect your audience to the Company CHANGE STORY. They will help you to expand your thinking from a 2 Dimensional reality to a 3 or even 4 or 5 Dimensional experience. Looking over time gives the audience an opportunity to experience value over time, see and move through the entire picture to understand everyone’s point of view and see where your contributions make a difference.


Let’s ENGAGE the process of linEmaking!

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