Visually yours?

Visually yours is Dennis Luijer. An artist at heart trained in Delft as an engineer who uncovers, arguments & relates stories using various systematic and intuitive practices. The main ambition for Visually yours (Vy) is to keep making a difference in the process of moving from nothing to something. Be it in making complex decisions or facilitating change, different people look for shared ways to engage with the dynamic stages of their change.

Vy supports their CHANGE STORY… 

Connecting vision of future events


Making your thinking visible is a shared process.

Visually yours has a 20+ year bag of tricks filled with templates, training, cases, dedicated support and many more modules of knowledge to support your path to making your CHANGE STORY visible!

MT aligning on essence

When you start believing in the manifesting powers of visualisation, the will to pick up a pen and start participating in shaping the future grows exponentially.

Getting to the CHANGE STORY


Challenge your board; Connect & Align with your Stakeholder; Articulate your Changes.

Build a relationship with your WHOLE company story; Make your CHOICES and arguments Visible; Keep your ROADMAP in your line of sight!

Looking at CHANGE, from all sides & angles

The INTEGRAL INFORMATION FLOW model you see below, is one of the fundamental tools developed and used by Visually yours to determine how information flows in an organisation. It is a pivotal tool not only used for mapping and uncovering a CHANGE STORY, but this layered framework also challenges clients to complete their WHOLE story and build on their achievements to secure new directions.

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Working with these Clients


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Dennis Luijer, MSc. - Linemaker

 An Industrial design engineer with a masters in Design for Interaction (DfI) and product design management from the Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands). A practical artist and teacher of VISUALIZATION at the KABK (royal art academy in The Hague), with roots in the creation of large Sculpture Parks (sand & Ice). An entrepreneur in the SMB realm. Co-founder of a Visual Design Consultancy (JAM visual Thinking) and Co-founder of the Event Design Collective (a global network of event professionals). Father of 3 [Dutch/Swedish] children and partner to one Swedish Innovation expert named Anna.


My expertise has proven itself in the field where “Something”
needs to be articulated in order for people to see and connect
to the steps that lead to a shared future.

Nothing to something

Designing the relationships people have with their stories
allows them to become more aware of their multi-dimensional character
and adapt the story to the needs of others.
This is (in my experience) how you grow a story.

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If you would like to contact me, please find me on LinkedIn.

office / shop located at Gravestraat 8a,Wassenaar